In July 2014, dataSpring started offering partner’s panels through our own company panel platform, surveyon. We also now offer our company’s Vietnamese online research panels. In this article, we will share some tips in conducting online research in Vietnam.

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The Vietnamese government groups the various provinces into eight regions: Northwest, Northeast, Red River Delta, North Central Coast, South Central Coast, Central Highlands, Southeast, and Mekong River Delta.


Demographics and Ratio of Panel Composition

Vietnam is one of the most populous countries in the Asia Pacific region with an estimated population of nearly 95 million. Compared to the population composition, the ratio of panelists in the 40+ age range is small which may prove to be a challenge in collecting the data. Data collection and response rate for older panelists depend on the location and schedule.

Gender (%)
Age group (%)

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When targeting or allocating by income, it is common to design the survey according to the SEC.

*SEC is the socioeconomic category that a consumer falls into as defined by variables such as income, educational background, occupation and so on. It stands for Social Economic Classification.

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Ethnic composition

According to the 2009 census by the official statistics bureau, the largest ethnic group is Kinh (Viet) which is 85.3% of the population. Meanwhile, 14.7% of the population are from other ethnic groups.


Local Pro Tip

In Vietnam, there are many ways to address others and yourself. For example, Vietnamese words such as minh, toi, to, and tui all mean 'I' or 'me', but with different contexts. You will need to pay attention to age and gender to use the right word to address yourself and others.


Precautions in Conducting Online Research

Please consult with us for your politics-related questions.

Final Words

Before conducting online or mobile surveys in Vietnam, it’s important to know its basic profile. For more in-depth information, talk to our Local Experts today!

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